Self-taught with some direction!

I learned how to sew in a middle school Home Economics Class, a square fuzzy bear pillow to be exact :)  
At the time sewing wasn't cool, so I put it aside until many years later when my oldest daughter was born...Before we knew it we had 4 kids, 3 girls and finally a boy :)  I loved to dress my kiddos in coordinating outfits, but on our tight pastor's budget we couldn't afford boutique items or anything custom made! 
I had a thought that I could make their outfits (many years before pinterest)! I pulled out some old sheets and pillowcases to practice on, drug out my dusty machine and went at it.  I ended up with some decently cute clothes, then went on to make matching dresses and coordinating clothes for my family. Others noticed and asked me to create for them too...that's where LivingLadyDesigns began!
As my kiddos have gotten older and not so much into the coordinating and matching outfits, I started making bags and wallets, then decals and recently started making adult clothing.  
I love to create custom and personalized items for you, your family and friends :) This picture was taken at Easter in all mom-made clothing, and everybody was happy!!!